Inkscape Class

I am so happy to partner with Logos by Nick to offer his Inkscape Master Class, a 50+ video course covering every bit of Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor!

This affiliation is particularly special to me, as Nick taught me everything I know about Inkscape. Every single file you see on my website is created entirely using Inkscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the class live or pre-recorded?

A: The class is a pre-recorded series of 50+ videos so you can move at your own pace. 

Q: What does the class cover?

A: The class covers every single function in Inkscape, including setting up your canvas and settings.

Q: Who teaches the class?

A: The class is taught by Nick Saporito, aka Logos by Nick. You can learn more about Nick here.

Q: How many videos are there and what is in each video?

A: You can view the entire course curriculum here. There is a full list of every video included.

Q: What affiliation is Logos by Nick to The Salty Yankee?

A: I learned everything I know from Nick's videos. 

Q: Can I see a sample of his teaching style before purchasing?

A: You can check out Nick's YouTube Channel here to get a feel for his teaching style.

Q: Do I get any personal help and support with the class?

A: From Nick's website, "When you enroll in the Inkscape Master Class you will be granted access to our private community, and I can personally answer any questions you may have about Inkscape or clarify the contents of any lesson if you're having trouble understanding it."

Q: Are there specific videos I should focus on to learn how to create characters?

A: Inkscape is a very manual program, it is best to have an understanding of the whole program and all of its functions in order to create a clean SVG. Primarily I use the following tools when creating a character:
1. Bezier Pen
2. Path Menu
3. Fill and Stroke Menu
(though many more functions are used throughout the process)